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Our group has researched and created dozens of local history displays, using our own collection and that of the Cheadle and District Historical Society. Initially these were for the Cheadle Discovery Centre, but following it's closure have mostly been hosted by Cheadle's Community Library.


​​Cheadle Remembers the War Horses


This 2015 event was part of a larger Great War project managed by our group. The day recreated the events of August 1914, when horses from Cheadle and the local area were requisitioned by the army at the start of the Great War.

Cheadle Remembers the War Horses (2015 Event)
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Video Content

As part of the Staffordshire Library Service's History Festival in 2021, two videos were made by our group related to displays that had been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Originally the videos were hosted on the Staffordshire County Council YouTube channel, but were later slightly re-edited and hosted on the Historic Cheadle YouTube Channel.